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Miss BangI’m someone that believes that contemporary art is about the viewer’s engagement with the art – as in, contemporary art cannot exist without the viewer’s experience with it. And these are personal and subjective experiences. Who says you need an art degree to appreciate art? The artist can outline what their intentions were in creating these works of art, the art critiques can dictate what these specifically stand for, but in the end, what matters is what you felt when you were looking at those artworks. If you loved something just because it’s pretty, it’s fine. If you were repulsed by something and you don’t care if the artwork was referring to some obscure post-modernist theory, that’s fine too. Art is for everyone.

I sometimes use fancy words and concepts, but what I write here is by no means a critical essay. I see this blog as an empty private gallery, with constantly shifting thoughts, memories, moments, reflections, and shadows. These are the echoes of my artistic psyche against what I have seen, heard, and felt in this luminous little city called Toronto.

I play the part of a cynic all too well, but in the end I am and shall remain a hopeless romantic. I love easily, too easily, profoundly yet only on the surface. I love you like the snowflake on your eyelashes; I love you but you won’t ever get to know me; I love you while you no longer remember my face.

Welcome to Miss Bang’s artistique psyche!

Miss Bang, auspicious & beautiful

(Miss Bang is an emerging arts professional with a BA in Art History and Book & Media Studies from the University of Toronto. She is currently working part-time at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and contributing to artoronto.ca. She had completed internships and part-time positions at such institutions as Sotheby’s Canada, University of Toronto Art Centre, Stockton Fine Art Gallery, and Varley Art Gallery. Miss Bang is infinitely passionate and strictly detached, and is weirdly wonderful and auspicious & beautiful.)


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