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The Artist Project 2013: Exclusive Director’s Take

Taking the helm of The Artist Project for the third time, Show Director Claire Taylor provides an exclusive director’s outlook of the fair this year: what to look out for this year, the challenges and rewards of the fair, and why The Artist Project is the art fair to visit. Continue reading


The Artist Project: Indie Darling of Art Fairs

The Artist Project (1-4 March, 2012) is an annual art fair that showcases works by independent, emerging artists that recently celebrated its fifth instalment. I call it ‘indie darling of art fairs’, but don’t be fooled into thinking that The Artist Project is a neat little show that you can take in lightly. Continue reading

The Artist Project: Interview with Show Director Claire Taylor

Show Director Claire Taylor kindly answers my questions about The Artist Project, the UNTAPPED competiton, and why she believes in supporting the emerging artists. Continue reading